2021/2022 RLI Wyoming Chapter President’s Message

It goes without saying that the last two years have been full of surprises, most of the unprecedented and unpleasant variety.  Despite these challenges, RLI land brokers in Wyoming and across the country forged on to see two years of incredible results.  One the proverbial ‘hill and dale’ we continued looking forward, and it paid dividends.

As your new President of the Wyoming Chapter of the Realtors Land Institute for the next two years, Mike Rowe said ti well with, “I’m looking forward to the future and feeling grateful for the past.”  I can’t help but appreciate the decisive events and the great folks that helped me and this Chapter prosper but pondering the future is equally interesting.  A huge thanks to both Ted Harvey, your immediate past President, and Maggie Thomas for their tireless efforts.

I look forward to working with our Chapter Board to bring our members the key elements that make use “The Voice of Land.”  This future he spoke of os a fickle thing, ever-changing and dynamic.  For some, ones’ daily agenda seems more like a game of Whac-O-Mole–just waiting for the next thing to pop up.  For others, it’s finding the first release of the yearly planner or calendar six months before the new year so they can begin scheduling every event and meeting long in advance.


Todd A. Kittel, ALC
President, Wyoming Chapter of the Realtors Land Institute